Academic Tutoring

University Applications

From finding the right course and institution for you, to writing the perfect personal statement and preparing you for those daunting University interviews. Support is also on hand for navigating the clearing process and University finance. A tailored 10 hour package is available to help navigate the process.

A-Levels, EPQ, GCSE, Common Entrance, Sats, 11+


The full History curriculum from 13+ Common Entrance, KS3, GCSE to A-Level. Specialising in particular Tudor England, Empire, Nazi Germany, Russia and Modern Britain.

Government and Politics

A former examiner, involved with the development of the Edexcel curriculum in the new specification, a full understanding of the demands of the sources, UK and US politics, ideologies and comparative functions.

Business Studies and Economics

A comprehensive understanding of the GCSE components with some A-Level teaching to complement.


13+ Common Entrance, Key Stage 3 and GCSE standard, extensive knowledge and understanding of both Physical and Human Geography,

Other subjects

A wide range of other Humanities and Social Sciences including Media Studies, PE, RE, plus A-Level Sociology and Law.


At Castle Tutoring we deploy the same technique across the various Key Stages and public examinations, plus we will introduce you to the ‘FortyFiveFifteen’ revision strategy.

  • Tackle target problem areas
  • Create personal revision courses
  • Plan powerful revision timetables
  • Refine exam technique
  • Get students familiar and comfortable with exam process
  • Hold practice interviews