HOW TO use Microsoft Forms for Assessment

Efffective assessment with MS forms

There are hundreds of excellent platforms out there to help with assessing students in schools. Yet, I cannot see beyond the excellence that is MS Forms, which when built in to the MS Teams function can help pinpoint and also more importantly help communicate students strengths and areas for development, almost instantaneously. Genius!

Regular readers of my blogs will be aware of the importance I place on assessment With Microsoft Forms for Education, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls to share with students. Every form you create lets you collect data and quickly see results as they come in in real-time. You can share the quizzes you create with your students using any web browser. And if students are on mobile devices like a smartphone or a tablet they can access the quizzes you create too! Sensational stuff and allows me to check progress even through remote learning.

This data-driven approaches to understanding what is working in their teaching practices, because it makes the collection (and much of the analysis) of student-learning data automatic. Such data helps me to build stronger learning relationships with their students, because they know where each student is at in their learning progress

The school I am currently teaching in is using Microsoft Teams, and I have definitely found that Microsoft Forms are a total game changer. Forms is integrated directly into Teams so you can create, share and review assessments easier than ever. Whether you share these quizzes with just a few students or multiple classes, it helps you stay organized is this already powerful, collaborative space.

For those of you new to Forms There is also a training course from the folks at Microsoft that can help you learn how to create authentic assessments for students. When you take the course, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Forms for both formative and summative assessments and all of the steps to make it happen. Today I produced a Year 11 assessment on the Cold War and a Year 10 assessment on Elizabethan England, organised the time for them to take it, attached it to their teams and can now sit back and wait for the results to come in. QbyQ analysis built in will also tell me where their misconceptions are. Perfect.

There are plenty of blogs to help get you started and hopefully you too can harness the power of assessment even remotely.

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