Should we call Time On The End of Term Movie?

Where do you stand on the great last week of term debate?

Depend on how old you and your equipment are:

  • Show a video?
  • Put on a DVD?
  • Stream a movie?
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Cards on the table I love an end of term movie. Nothing says end of term more than a subject relevant good old Christmas movie. Here in my class we have studied the Blitz and now we are in our final lesson together this term tucking into ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, personally I do not see anything wrong with that.

However the pressure on exam results and the tremendous expectations put on teachers by over-bearing senior managers has made the Christmas movie a thing of the past.

“You must teach right up to the very last minute” comes the mantra from those who do not actually have to teach up until the very last minute.

Teachers see the end of term video as a positive in a number of ways, whether is reward for students’ hard work or as I personally see it an opportunity to support the curriculum with subject specific content.

Of course the arguments against are just as strong, there is a chance for low level behaviour to develop and of course in this post pandemic world valuable curriculum time is lost. One of the most important arguments against is from parents asking why should they send their children to school if all they are doing is watching videos all day? These are all very valid points and perhaps are conscientious teacher may decide not to show films during the last week of term for these exact reasons. That is totally fine, but as professionals we are best placed to make those calls.

I am lucky to be in school which trusts me to make my decisions, yes I am accountable for the end of year results, but I am also best placed to make the judgement as to what happens in my classroom. Not every lesson today will be a video, later I will be finishing up the Parliament topic for my Year 12s who have mocks after half term, but for now year 10, let’s bring the evacuation and Blitz to life. Lights off please.

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