Tutoring in Lockdown

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

Castle Tutoring is open for business.

Lockdown rules return England this Thursday, discouraging people from being outside their home at all where possible. But, what does this mean for Castle Tutoring?

We know for certain that there are some exceptions to the lockdown, These include work which cannot be done from home, childcare or education, exercise outdoors, medical reasons, essential shopping, providing care for vulnerable people or for volunteering, and visiting members of your support bubble. People whose jobs are essential but cannot be done from home are also allowed to leave the house to work. All schools remain open.

The way I interpret these new guidelines and especially in light of public examinations still continuing is that face to face 1:1 tuition is still allowed and therefore Castle Tutoring will continue to offer this service. http://www.castletutoring.com

Of course each client will be different and online tutoring remains a very popular and desirable option. According to a study undertaken by a collaboration between the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), Impetus, The Sutton Trust and Nesta, nine in ten children say tutoring helps them feel more confident with their schoolwork.

“Children say what they particularly like about tutoring is the one-to-one support for issues they are struggling with, the reduced fear of peer judgment and the flexibility to learn at their own pace”.


School leaders were particularly encouraged by this project, in total, more than 7,000 lessons were delivered during the period to a variety of year groups, ranging from Year 5 to Year 13. The EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit, an accessible summary of educational research, shows that high-quality tutoring can deliver approximately five months of progress on average, proving that online tutoring can bring huge benefits to all children.

Castle Tutoring fully endorses the view that online tuition reaps huge benefits to students and offers a full range of online tutoring options.

Today the 32 tuition partners were chosen to deliver the National Tutoring Programme https://schoolsweek.co.uk/revealed-the-32-providers-selected-to-deliver-the-national-tutoring-programme/?fbclid=IwAR0CsKSKVP5i6jX7zbKie5lnmvC8dt1J_A3MfvyHqEKPXBfRr2iQW5k3R8M. These providers will make online tutoring more accessible to ordinary people, this should be widely welcomed and Castle Tutoring will be making ourselves available to support these national organisations as and when required.

Overall the message is clear, national lockdown 2 will have no impact on the services offered by Castle tutoring and the diary is open for your academic needs.

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